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Lip Blush

Lip Blush  is the semi permanent tattoo of lip colour applied to the lips. Imagine your favourite lip tint with you all the time so no need to keep reapplying. The process uses a hand held machine which implants the pigment into the top layers of the skin. This can be used to also rebalance & redefine your lip shape creating the impression of a fuller lip by being creative with the colour application.

The process usually takes 2 in some rare cases 3 sessions to get the finished, desired effect. 

We start with a consultation, which I always recommend we do face to face however, Covid has enabled us to adapt this for remote access if required.

During your consultation we discuss what you hope to achieve, any risks and of course both pre & post care advice is shared. At this point we also perform a patch test to ensure you have no allergies to the products I use.  The consultation & patch test must take place at least 24 hours before your treatment.

Lip Blush at Little Vines Clinic is completely collaborative and whilst I will of course make my recommendations, I will ask for your feedback throughout - these are of course your lips, and you must be happy with what we aim to achieve through pencilling in before we even start the treatment.

On the day of treatment we must allow approx. 2.5 hours 
We will start the session by discussing your lips as well as the shape & colour you hope to achieve. We complete a medical questionnaire and consent forms ahead of the treatment starting.

We then start to create the lips together, I will pencil them in & we can review this every step of the way until we are happy to proceed.

We then move onto the treatment - usually allowing around 1 - 1.5 hrs to complete. This is where we will start the tattooing, it doesn't feel anything more than a scratch but obviously everybody's pain threshold is different, but we use a pre numbing cream to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Once you've had the first treatment you will then go away and leave your lips to heal. Same as with a tattoo you need to let them scab over, flake off and then your colour and definition will start to come back through once the layers of skin have healed. If this is your first ever Lip Blush Treatment, around 10 weeks you will return for your second appointment (the retouch) where we will top up the colour and enhance the shape further once we've seen the healed result. 

What is Lip Blush?

Pre Care Advice - Lip Blush

Ahead of your treatment please remember the following..

  • Now is the time to start taking care of those lovely lips, so between now and your treatment day please start using a good moisturising lip balm regularly. We want those lips in tip top condition ahead of your treatment so even a gentle brush with a soft toothbrush in the morning, before you start applying the lip balm will help your lips to shed any dead skin cells and make them beautiful & soft.

  • If you are prone to cold sores it is worth starting a cold sore treatment approx 4-5 days ahead of your first session. Whilst you may not have an active one at the moment, occasionally if you are prone to these, the lip blush treatment can encourage a breakout, so its well worth starting the treatment and continuing for 4 - 5 days following your lip blush. If you don’t suffer from them - no action needed!

  • Stay hydrated & have something to eat. As you will be sitting still for some time, it is good to have eaten before your appointment to keep good blood sugar levels

  • Please avoid alcohol, coffee, taking Ibuprofen or Aspirin (unless medically advised) & alcohol the night before or day of your treatment

  • Ensure you are in good health the day of your treatment

Post Care Advice - Lip Blush

Aftercare is the key to success in Lip Blush. Keeping the area clean to heal safely and not picking will help your procedure heal quickly and look at its best.  You may notice slight swelling & blanching around the area after your treatment which is totally normal and should subside in the first 24 hrs.

  • Use a straw to drink for 48 hours following your treatment & avoid any very hot drinks. You may also like to avoid very hot or spicy food for the first 3 days following lip blush

  • Avoid excessive activity that may cause sweating for 5 days.

  • Do not use Saunas , steam rooms & swimming pools for 7 days. 

  • You will be given a restorative serum to apply in order to keep your lips soft & supple as they heal.

  • DO NOT PICK or PULL any scabs that form, these must be allowed to fall away naturally.

  • Avoid sunbathing for your next 4 weeks, and if exposed to the sun use a maximum factor sunblock

Steps to Healing - Lip Blush

Everyone's skin is different and has different rates of regeneration however the key stages below will be likely to happen for all clients.

  • Day of Treatment - I love them they are perfect!!

  • Day 2 - 4 - Oh No! they are very dark, what's happened?

  • Day 5 - 10 - They are all crusty & peeling ( tempting as it is...DO NOT PICK)

  • Day 11 - 20 - Where has all the colour gone?

  • Day 20 - 35 - Hey they are all patchy

  • Day 35 - 40 - Yippee, they are now a beautiful soft colour, I cannot wait for my top up

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