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Skin Treatments

Dermaplaning is the process of removing dead skin cells & peach fuzz from the face. Often referred to as the supercharged exfoliating treatment. When administered by a professional this process should be completely painless & any redness that occurs should last no more than 30 minutes.

Dermaplaning at Little Vines Clinic will make the skin feel instantly smoother, softer & more even.

Whats better, any peach fuzz or Vellus hair is removed at the same time. Next a Gold Collagen Mask is applied for between 5- 10 minutes, and lastly to keep your gorgeous new skin protected as you step back out into the world, an SPF with Hyaluronic acid is gently applied to the face & neck.



Microneedling is often called skin needling or collagen induction therapy. It uses a handheld device with a small needle cartridge that creates very tiny but controlled micro trauma to the skin as the needles vibrate. This very shallow puncture to the skin causes the skin to move into healing and resurfacing, hence new skin cells are produced & the texture of the skin is improved. This in turn stimulates collagen & elastin production so that the newly resurfaced skin is often more plump and taut, with fine lines appearing reduced. It can also be used to treat sun spots, enlarged pores, stretch marks & can help fade scarring.

During the treatment a serum rich in hyaluronic acid is applied to the area and the microneedling pen is passed over the skin, there is often a tingling sensation during the process but, as we apply a numbing cream before we start this really is minimal. Once the treatment is complete a deeply hydrating mask is applied to the area to sooth and relax the skin.

Often results can be seen after 1 week, but a course with a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended for optimum results. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Pre Treatment Advice

  • Arrive to your appointment make up free

  • No waxing / plucking / self tan on the skin for 48 hrs pre treatment

  • Stop using any creams containing Retinol, Vitamin A & avoid sun exposure for 48 hrs pre treatment

  • No injectables, Botox or Fillers for 2 weeks pre & post treatment

Post Treatment Care

  • Take care with sun exposure, please apply SPF daily

  • Leave skin for 24 - 48 hours following treatment

  • Do not exfoliate the area for a minimum of 7 days - you should not need to exfoliate following your treatment.

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