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Available in Clinic from Mid November 2023

Coming soon... to Little Vines Clinic

Ombre Brows - Semi permanent brow shading. Imagine your favourite powder brow finish, but one that stays put. This treatment is often suited to those who suffer from oily skin but would love semi permanent brows!

Eyeliner - Are you tired of reapplying that eyeliner that never matches from one eye to the other? or are you lacking on lashes and would like a little more definition around the eyelash line? Then this treatment is for you!

Sclerotherapy - Reduction technique used to treat thread veins in the legs, get your confidence back to show off those legs in the summer!

Aqualyx - Targeted fat dissolving injections for those stubborn hard to shift fatty areas where diet & fitness just doesn't seem to be enough. This treatment can target specific areas like underarms, tummy, under chin & more!

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